Minireceptor optic FTTH




Minireceptor optic FTTH de interior. intrare optica 1100-1600nm. nivel optic &ndash.8+2dBm. AGC optic (MGC reglabil). conector optic SC/APC. banda RF la iesire 45-1000MHz. nivel iesire RF&gt.82dB pt intrare -8+2dBm. atenuare pe iesire 0-20dB (valabil in modul MGC) temperatura de lucru -20+55 grade Celsius. consum &lt.1.2W. dimensiuni 104x85x25mm

Nota: Exista si in varianta WF cu filtru optic pe intrare 1550nm +/-20nm (ingusteaza banda optica la intrare) care costa in plus 1 Euro + TVA

Minireceptor optic FTTH nextraCOM NX-1082M-WF &ndash. 17.2 Euro + TVA


78,33 Lei fara TVA
93,21 Lei cu TVA



nextraCOM NX-1082 - mini optical receiver

NX-1082 series optical receiver is a featured product which is specially designed for FTTH&mdash.&mdash.Fiber to the Home network structure. With small housing compact and reasonable internal circuit structure and excellent performance indicators. It is the first choice for residential area and home fiber optic network.

NX-1082A means the factory settings is AGC state (default).

NX-1082M means the factory settings is MGC state.


Performance characteristics

  • Adopt low noise GaAs amplifier device.
  • Use MCU control.&nbsp. AGC or MGC is optional.
  • 5V DC voltage power supply low power consumption.
Optical parameters
Receiving Optical&nbsp. PowerdBm-15 ~ +2
AGC RangedBm-8 ~ +2
Optical Return LossdBm&gt.45
Optical Receiving Wavelengthnm1100 ~ 1600
Optical Connector Type&nbsp.SC/APC
Fiber Type&nbsp.Single Mode
Link Performance
C/NdB&ge.51@Pin= -1dBm
Pout= 82dB&mu.V
84CH PAL-D OMI=3.8%
RF Parameters
Frequency RangeMHz45~1003
Flatness in BanddB&plusmn.0.75
Output LeveldB&micro.V&ge.82 (AGC: @-12~0dBm) / (MGC: @-8dBm)
Output ATT RangedB&micro.V0~20( Valid in MGC state )
Output Return LossdB&ge.16
Output Impedance&Omega.75
Operating TemperatureW-20 ~ +55
Input optical power indicate description
Indicator color: Description
Green: Normal
Orange:&nbsp.Low input optical power
Red: High input optical power

Warning: This product has to use our configured DC5V power adapter. We are not responsible for damage caused by using other power adapter.

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